SUPER TINY MR INCREDIBLE NEIGHBOR!!! | Chipmunk Plays Hello Neighbor Mods

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In todays Hello Neighbor mod Chip McMunk is facing our tiiiiny neighbor, Mr Incredible! What will happen? Let's find out in this chipmunk let's play of Hello Neighbor Mods :D

We're not Alvin the chipmunk and are nothing like him/them but if you enjoy chipmunks in general, with an adult theme to it, you're off for a treat! Beware, there ain't nothing kid friendly here as the occasional "grown up words" are present.

See the rest of the Chip McMunk, the chipmunk, plays hello neighbor gameplays here, in my Chip McMunk playlist!


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Hello neighbor info:

In Hello Neighbor, the player finds themselves moving into a new house across the street of a mysterious neighbor, who seems to be keeping a secret in his basement. The player's task is to break into the neighbor's home and gather items needed to unlock and access his basement. As the player explores the neighbor's house, he must not be spotted by the neighbor, or he will be chased down and caught. The neighbor will also attempt to stop, slow down or locate the player using various items such as beartraps and CCTV cameras. Once the player has been spotted, the neighbor will chase him down, while throwing glue at him to slow him down by calculating his run trajectory. The neighbor can also detect a flashlight's beam, sounds and any positional changes of the objects in his house. If the player is caught, he will be placed in front of his own house and will have to break in again. A truly thrilling gameplay.
The player has 4 inventory spaces; items of the same kind cannot be stacked together in the same inventory space. As the gameplay is set in the night-time, the player must obtain a flashlight, which can be found in a drawer in the neighbor's kitchen. Then he must locate the handmagnet, which can be found behind a stack of boxes in the neighbor's backyard. After this, the player has to reach the first floor, get past the iron gate and reach the platform of the room without a floor. The gameplay escalates. Here he will find a painting of a golden apple, which must be thrown away to reach the silver key inside with the handmagnet. Using this, the player must unlock the door with the silver lock on the second floor, which leads him to a large room with an item elevator. The player must use this to reach the balcony and climb the ladder, which takes him to the roof. He must then get into the room with the blue lamp and get the crowbar. Then the player has to go back to the room with the item elevator and reach the door on the floor. This will get him into the room with a cupboard, which has the keycard. After this, he must take the keycard and crowbar and use them to unlock the basement door, which is on the ground floor.


Enjoy this Chip McMunk gameplay of Hello neighbor. We're certainly not Alvin the chipmunk, that's for sure - we're more crazy, slightly obnoxious at times and plain weird! Anyhow, if you enjoy Alvin and the chipmunks, only looking for a more adult version, you've come to the right place!

Grab some snacks and prepare yourself for a hilarious and epic adventure with chipmunk plays games. A truly immersive chipmunk gameplay!

Thanks for watching!
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