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Melissa & Doug Puffy Stickers - Chipmunk House

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We regularly take long haul flights with our kids (4 and 6) and so are constantly looking for small and light items to entertain them.
I personally would have probably given this item 2.5 stars - its simple, cute, light and reasonably priced BUT the stickers are small and lose their stick easily and end up everywhere other than the board.
However, my 4 year old daughter would definitely give it 5 stars.
I was amazed for how long she played with it - so much longer than a regular sticker book - and she continues to get it out weeks after the flight for which it was purchased, regardless of the fact half the stickers are now missing (randomly found sticking to socks, sweaters etc on an almost daily basis!).
Despite my initial reservations, keeping kids happy on long flights will drive me to any lengths and I have just ordered two more from this series for our next flight later this month.
I bought 3 sets of these stickers for my 3 year old grandson, the Pirate ship, Chipmunk House and the Farm set. He loves to mix and match his sticker people.
He has the pirates visit the farm and help out with the farm animals. The chipmunks and farm people have adventures on the pirate ship and he puts the pirates to bed in the chipmunk house!
It keeps him busy for hours, and he even wants to take a bag of the stickers in the car with him on short trips. A great gift idea for kids who enjoy using their imaginations.
My granddaughter loves these little sticker books (we also have the pet shop). She can play for an hour creating situations and dialogue for the various scenes she creates for the the family (and various pet store people and animals).
The puffy stickers really stick to the scenes better than the larger sticker books with 5 scenes. These can be taken out to dinner to keep kids occupied until the meal arrives once we can go out again.
Currently they are a great help in keeping her occupied while we are self-isolating. Melissa and Doug make great activities for kids. You cant go wrong with Melissa and Doug!
I got this set and the farm set for my 2 and 4 year old. This one was definitely the favorite.
They liked that it offered different rooms that they could decorate and my four year old proceeded to play with it for easily a half an hour at a restaurant, moving the pieces around like she was playing with a dollhouse, and has since returned to it several times.
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Melissa & Doug Puffy Stickers - Chipmunk House

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